Winterization of RVs

Are you Ready to Winterize your RV?


Winterization of RVsAs we head into the colder months, you’re probably thinking about winterizing your RV, especially if it will be in storage for the duration of winter. Adequate winterization can help avert many risks, especially when it comes to brakes, bearings, and your RV’s roof. 


If you have not yet taken care of your general RV winterization, read our 10 Tips for Winterizing Your RV here.


Why Winterize Your RV? 

Winterization of RVs


Taking some preventative measures now can help ensure the longevity of your RV for several years to come. Without proper maintenance, damage can occur. One of the main reasons to winterize your RV is to help prevent the plumbing system from freezing for example. When frozen water thaws, it expands with amazing force within the container that confines it. This can cause pipes and tanks to be damaged. 


Central Ontario RV Brake & Wheel Bearing Maintenance


Every little part in your RV plays a role in helping you to reach your destination. When the safety of your family is at stake, it is important to ensure that you have your brakes and bearings checked every year. Central Ontario RV Rentals offers thorough brakes and bearing checks. We will re-pack your bearings to keep your family safe for your next adventure. 


Of course, you can check the bearings by observing how the wheel feels when you rotate it. This is an important check to do at the start of each season and before every trip you take. Using this method may clue you in as to whether your bearings need to be repacked, but you should ideally let a professional assess it like Central Ontario RV Rentals. It is best to hire a certified technician to repack your bearings.


Central Ontario RV Rentals uses low-odor, premium antifreeze, sealants, moisture absorbers, covers and more to protect your parts. Trust us with your brake and wheel bearing inspections and maintenance. Our technicians are qualified experts in their field. That means you can be certain that your bearings are properly inspected, cleaned and assembled.


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Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay