Why Rent and RV

Why Rent and RVThe movies make it look like a lot of fun. Rent an RV and take a family vacation in the great outdoors. Provided, of course, that you're not cheap like the late Robin Williams' character in RV and you rent an RV that's a lemon... Otherwise, you will have an opportunity to stay in Provincial Parks while you travel across the country.

You can hire an RV from your hometown and travel across the country, or you can fly somewhere and rent one there, depending on the rental locations your dealer has available. Once you hit the road - and depending on the objectives of your trip - , you can decide whether you wish to move on to a new campsite every couple of days or to a spend a week at one Provincial park or KOA and another week at another. Whatever you decide to do, we do advise that you make some time for exploring and relaxing in one place.

For many families, an RV is a way of life. However, it's not for everyone. That's why it's a good idea to rent an RV before you buy.

Rent an RV: What you should know

When you rent an RV, you should be aware of the costs involved. Rental costs are typically cheaper in spring and fall and offer limited free mileage. An RV tends to be much heavier on fuel than a normal car, and during summer, gas is more expensive. Also, gas prices vary by province.

Driving with an RV Trailer is not difficult, even though it is much bigger and therefore less nimble. It should be driven more slowly and you must be careful not to hit overhangs or low trees.

RVs usually come with the basics only, which means that you must bring your own kitchenware and linens, or hire an additional kitchen and linens package. However, it is well worth the effort for people travelling with fussy kids, or those with food allergies who don't want to eat in restaurants. Now you can prepare your food in your own kitchen.

The fact that you have your own toilet on board means that you don't have to travel out of your way to find a public restroom.

While RVs are equipped with all the home comforts, they are not as big as a normal home. However, you can find an RV with a slide-out, which provides that extra space to make everyone more comfortable.

Some provinces or parks don't offer hookups, so you will have to use the generator, which is charged on an hourly basis.

Different campgrounds will charge different fees for overnight stays. Be sure to calculate that into your budget.

When you want to rent an RV, it is important to speak to the sales consultant about the matters that are most important to you. Find out about the extras, insurance costs, deductibles, and ask whether pets are allowed or whether you can bring along a pet.

Be sure to take advantage of the walkthrough when you pick up the RV trailer. The sales consultant will explain how everything works and maybe show you a video that explains: 

  • how to hook up at the campsite
  • how to start the generator
  • how to use the appliances
  • and more.

When you need help on the road, you'll find out just how helpful and friendly your fellow RV-people are. Rent an RV from Central Ontario RV Rentals and discover a new way to enjoy the outdoors.