RV Storage

RV Storage with 24 Hour Access & Servicing Made Easy

If winter storage is paid 1 year in advance save 10%

With easy access to the 400 highway, Central Ontario RV Rentals makes life easy for you

Central Ontario RV Rentals is dedicated to making your RV experience as pleasant and as simple as possible. 

RV Storage Becoming a Problem?

RV storage is an important element of looking after your investment. While some people park their recreational vehicles at home, however there are many issues, including:

  • having to move it to access something else
  • risk of environmental damage
  • violations from a Home Owner's Association and property and city bylaws 

These drawbacks can put a damper on your experience, but storing your RV at Central Ontario RV Rentals provides peace of mind, knowing that your RV is stored in a secure location.

Storing Your RV at Central Ontario RV Rentals

RV storage at Central Ontario RV Rentals offers a range of features to make life as a recreational vehicle own easier and more carefree.

Convenient Access Hours

We offer convenient access hours to ensure that you can make the most of every trip. Instead of rushing back to storage on time, you can enjoy every trip at your leisure, knowing that your space will be ready and waiting for you.

Access hours:

NEW! 24 Hour Access to Storage

Office Business Hours Monday - Friday 9am-4pm, Saturdays & Sundays - Closed. 

Secure Lot

The RV storage lot is locked and secured every night, allowing no unauthorised access.

Wide Aisles

Our wide aisles make it easier than ever to drive or back into your space.

Hassle-free RV Small Repair Servicing

Now you don't have to worry about taking your RV in for a small repair service (please call for details). Simply book a small service call in between your camping trips and we will take care of the rest. Our technicians will service your RV right here in our workshop and return it to its space, ready for your next trip.

RV Storage Fees

Our fees are based on monthly rental, and we offer a 10% discount on annual pre-payments.

Monthly storage fees for Trailers/Motorhomes and Boats:

Under 24’  monthly  $65

Under 32’  monthly  $85

Under 36’’ Monthly $110

Over 36’ Monthly $140

Park Model ( 9’ wide & over)  $520.00 plus HST


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