Drive Through Winterization Event

Drive Through Winterization is Back!

Arrive Early and you are In and Out Early. Save Valuable Time and Money...
We'll help you plan, inspect and winterize early so this year's RV winterizing is stress free.
ONE DAY ONLY - Saturday October 19th 2019 -  9AM-1PM . Antifreeze included. Certain exceptions apply.*

If you can't make it to the Drive Through Winterization Event.
Book in now and have your trailer brakes and bearings done so you are ready to go next year. Also don't forget about roof maintenance!

Limited-Time  - Don't Miss Out! 

Event name: Drive Through Winterization

Date: * Saturday October 19th 2019 -  9AM-1PM *

Hours: 9am – 1pm

Location: 65 Reive Blvd, Cookstown, ON L0L 1L0

1st Come First Serve Drive Through! See More Information below...


Drive Through Winterization is Back!

We Winterize - You Drive Away

Following the success of the past year's Drive Through Winterization event, we're excited to announce that we'll be repeating it again this year.
As an RV owner, you already know the importance of winterizing your trailer, and you also know how long it can take. Then there's always that one thing you forget every year. However, it is our profession, so we do it well, and we do it thoroughly.* Without even unhooking.

How do we Winterize - And You Drive Away?

Simply drive your trailer into Central Ontario RV Rentals' yard at 65 Reive Blvd, Cookstown on Saturday October 19th 2019 -  - between the hours of 9AM-1PM and save!!

If you can't make it on the date of our Winterization Even, you can still book an appointment at any time to winterize your RV at our regular Winterzation rates - you just won't get the same savings as at our Drive Through Winterization Event Day (please call 705.458.4774 to inquire about our regular rates). 

*Length of service is an average; time may vary depending on size of RV, inspection issues / troubleshooting, number of appliances etc. Antifreeze is included in the price, however, taxes are extra.. Appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers and certain appliances are subject to additional pricing.  
All RV’s must have their holding and water tanks empty, as well as, have a hot water tank by pass kit installed. If not, additional charges will apply.
We also offer roof inspections, and a range of other RV services including Winter Storage.
The details again -
Event name: Drive Through Winterization
Dates:  Saturday October 19th 2019 -  9AM-1PM 
*or if you miss the special Drive Through Winterization offer dates you can still call 705.458.4774 to make appointments; just at the regular winterization rate.
Hours: *Saturday October 19th 2019 -  9AM-1PM!*
Location: Central Ontario RV Rentals, 65 Reive Blvd, Cookstown, ON L0L 1L0
Need more info? Don't hesitate to call us on (705) 458-4774.
See you there!
We Also Offer Winter Storage!  
Please inquire for our rates
If Winter Storage is paid 1 year in advance save 10%