The Sportsmen 181BH

Sportsmen  181BHWant to take the family on a carefree vacation, but the costs of airplane tickets and hotels are prohibitive? Well, now you don’t have to travel in a cramped, uncomfortable car, or camp outside in cold and rainy weather. By renting a camper, and the Sportsmen 181BH in particular, you eradicate all the hassles that come with run-of-the-mill traveling.


While the idea of a vacation is to connect with loved ones, close quarters can quickly lead to cabin fever, especially when kids and teenagers become cranky from sitting too close to their siblings for extended periods. At the end of the day, everyone wants to sink into a nice, comfortable bed, rather than a camping mattress under a leaky tent.


Introducing the Sportsmen 181BH


The KZ Sportsmen 181BH camper has comfortable space for up to 6 people, and a variety of fantastic features that make it perfect for your next family vacation.


Weighing in at just 2800 pounds, this bunk model trailer has a slide air-conditioner, a front window, and a pass-through storage compartment for all your family’s camping gear. Solar prep means that you can go off the grid, or you can use the power awning with LED lights, if you wish.


The Sportsmen 181BH has a friction hinge master door and a solid fold step system to handle all the foot traffic in and out of the trailer. The inside of the trailer is surprisingly spacious, with comfortable beds, a breakfast nook, plenty of storage space in the kitchen area and touch lights all around. It is equipped with a fridge and ice box, as well as air conditioner. The bathroom features a tub.


Despite the convenience and luxury of the Sportsmen 181BH, there’s no compromise on floorspace. So when you’re looking for affordable home comfort and wish to rent an RV, the Sportsmen 181BH is the perfect solution.


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