Why More Canadians are Choosing RVs

Why More Canadians are Choosing RVsInstead of going down the beaten path every vacation, more people are choosing to create memories by exploring the best Canada has to offer in a Rental RV. They choose to drive to travel and stay in their RVs in remote areas of our magnificent natural wonderland, exploring the countryside and select from thousands of incredible destinations across the country. 

Recreational vehicles (RVs) enable families to travel in style and set up camp on private campgrounds, in Provincial Parks, on Crown Land and/or next to a lake. Instead of being lured by artificial lights and spending money, you will be able to enjoy starlit evenings around the campfire in the company of your loved ones. You'll get to swim in lakes, enjoy breathtaking views and waterfalls, go hiking, or just relax in your chair.

RV Benefits: Travel in Comfort. Camp in Style.

Think about it for a moment... Where do you commonly find hotels? On all the busiest roads in Canada! Where do you find RV camps? In the most scenic places.

An RV is a recreational vehicle that allows you to take your home-away-from-home with you wherever you go. Fully equipped with bathrooms, kitchens and sometimes even a separate bedroom, the family can enjoy games or relaxing with a book while on the road. RVs have water and electrical hookups, which gives you all the convenience of home - and some RVs even have phone and cable TV hookups.

RVs come in 2 types, namely: Motorized and Tow Behinds.

Tow Behinds

Travel Trailers - These homes can be pulled just like an RV, but in most states and provinces, no passengers are permitted to be in the trailer while it is being towed. The advantage is that, when you reach your camping spot, you can unhook and use your own vehicle for sightseeing trips. Equipped with bathrooms, kitchens and a separate bedroom, there are two additional types of trailers:

Tent Campers or pop-up campers are smaller trailers that can be unfolded at your destination. They can be pulled by smaller vehicles, and offer most of the amenities of an RV.

5th Wheel Trailers connect to a special connection in the truck bed. It can be >19feet long.

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Image by inkflo from Pixabay