Wheel Bearings Maintenance

RV wheel bearings should be repacked at least every two years.

RV Wheel Bearing MaintenanceThe feel of your RV steering wheel can tell you a lot about your RV wheel bearings. Wheel bearing maintenance can help save you a lot of trouble on the road. For that reason, we at Central Ontario RV Rentals recommend that you have them professionally assessed before you go on a long trip at the beginning of the season.


You can do your own basic wheel bearing maintenance by jacking up the side of your trailer, grabbing the wheel, and giving it a hard push and pull. There should barely be any play. If there’s play, you should have it repacked by a professional. However, this test is merely an indication. The best way to tell would be to take it apart.


What is Wheel Bearings Maintenance?


Before you commence with RV season, take your wheels to a professional, such as Central Ontario RV Rentals for wheel bearings & maintenance. We will clean your wheel bearings using a special cleaning solution and wipe them dry. We will then inspect each bearing, looking for signs of:




Pitting, and

Rough spots.


Once the wheel bearings maintenance is complete, they are lubricated using a high quality grease that is rated for high heat. Fresh grease is a key to proper bearing maintenance, as it prevents friction, heat absorption and rust-causing moisture.


With proper maintenance, trailer bearings will last for the duration of the RV’s lifespan, as they are manufactured from hardened steel. However, moisture can be attracted to the steel, resulting in rust, which can happen within hours.


Proper repacking is also important, as simply lubricating can result in saturated backing plates and hubs. Grease can be absorbed into the pores and pads of steel hubs, which means that these parts must be replaced. This additional cost can be alleviated by regularly scheduling wheel bearings maintenance.


Caring for your RV tires while they are in storage can also go a long way to maintaining the health of your wheel bearings. 


RV tires form an integral part of your highly engineered coach, and that's why tire companies and road associations recommend regular maintenance and care, as well as thorough inspections before every trip. Tire inspection includes checking for proper inflation pressure and tread wear. Alignment, rotation and balancing should be part of your recurring routine.


Always ask an RV Dealer, RV Parts dealer or RV Service Department if you are unsure how to do proper wheel bearings maintenance. We are not responsible if you do the above on your own. These are only tips from Central Ontario RV Rentals. For best results ask our service or parts staff at Central Ontario RV Rentals for advice on the best parts and service for your application. We recommend calling an experienced RV Dealer, Parts or Service Advisor to assist you with all your RV needs. Call Central Ontario RV Rentals at 705.458.4774.