Camper Rentals in Central Ontario

camper rentalsThe term ‘camper rentals can have a different meaning to different users. Most people associate it with a boxy structure on the back of a truck. However, the term really incorporates a variety of wheeled structures in which people can camp, which includes motorhomes, towables or recreational vehicles (RV). The term “camper” typically however by most people refers to trailers that are towed by trucks, or ride on the back of trucks.


Also, some people think that camper rentals are only used for camping. But that’s not the case. While a camper or RV provides comfortable and cost-saving accommodation for your vacation, there are other uses too. So let’s delve into some of the options:


Vacations: Traveling by RV means that you basically take your restaurants and hotel with you wherever you go. What a deal! Thousands of Canadians love the convenience of spacious travel and an enjoyable ride. And of course, you know exactly when the sheets were last laundered. An RV vacation with kids is much less stressful, and you have plenty of space to store your gear.


Primary or Seasonal Residence: Some people enjoy the RV life so much that they make their camper their primary or seasonal residence. Some seasonal travelers use an RV as their residence when they embrace the snowbird lifestyle, while others simply travel light through life by living in it full time. Of course, it is cheaper to own your own RV for this purpose. 


Houseguests: When out-of-town visitors come over, a camper rental can provide convenient lodgings that don’t interfere with your home life too much. They’re close by, but not under your feet. 


Emergency Lodging: Camper rentals are available for just about any purpose, and they are particularly handy in providing emergency lodging. This is perfect for any company or organization that needs to provide lodging or a command center far away from home. 


Temporary Residence while Building your Home: yes, just as it sounds. Many people just put a towable onto their property while their house is being built.

Camper Rental or Purchase?


If you’re considering buying your own RV, you might consider renting one first to see how well the lifestyle suits your family. Of course, there’s no reason not to love it. After all, the world becomes your backyard, and you don’t have to deal with lengthy airline queues.  There are awesome discounts with partners, and it’s super affordable.


But maybe you prefer the first-class flight and five-star hotel lifestyle - which is just fine!


If you’re ready to rent an RV, visit Central Ontario RV Rentals to view our huge inventory of camper rentals. We have C-class RVs in a variety of sizes. 


Image c/o KZ RV